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  The content of our journal is multi-oriented, and we welcome discussions and findings that are based on different types of research paradigms and practical experiences.
1.Special Topic:Unique to each issue; see "Special Topics in Progress" and each issue’s relevant instructions for more information. 
2.Research Articles:Original, single, and official scholarly articles, including (but not limited to) the following forms or orientations:
  (1)Concept papers:Constructing, developing, integrating, or reviewing innovative theories or concepts, with the exploration of their practical implications.
  (2)Empirical research:Developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data through empirical logic and methods, and presenting and discussing the research findings.
  (3) Experiences and Reflections:Profound experiences and reflections that are drawn from academic, professional, or personal life, leading to innovative ideas or research approaches.
  (4)Life Stories:Life experiences of research subjects, told in the form of a story or psychological biography, with the intention of understanding and interpreting the research topics.
  (5)Action Research:Records of actions and practices and their significance, derived from theories or ideologies.
3.Case Studies:Providing vision, concepts, specific practices and evaluations of professional services (e.g., individual or group counseling, psychotherapy, organizational consultation, or community development).
4.Technical Reports:Operational techniques and administration that are related to teaching, research or professional services.
5.Exchange of Viewpoints:Forums and academic bulletins that facilitate dialogues.
  (1)Contrasting Views:Contrasting views that arise in reviewing the manuscript, including the reviewer(s)’s comments and the author’s responses.
  (2)Notes:Inspiring personal ideas or records on teaching, research, practice, or field work.
6.Comments and Information:Providing readers with a window to express personal opinions or information of interest, with the hope of promoting dialogue and communication.
  (1)Dialogue and Response︰Readers may express their personal views or questions regarding published articles or issues that are relevant to the editorial process, we invite the author(s), editor(s), or other parties involved to comment, and then publish all of the commentaries.
  (2)Conversations:Academic issues discussed in letter format.
  (3)Forum︰A completely open space for authors to express ideas, critiques, or responses in free form.


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